End Strong, Start Strong 10 Day Devotional


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End Strong, Start Strong Devotional

Everyone has something in their life that must depart if they desire for greater to arrive. Whether it's shame from your past or low self-esteem, God did not build us to harbor and hold on to things that are not spawned by Him. As believers we are summoned to be the salt of the Earth, city on a hill, beacon of hope to others who don’t know our blessed Savior, however before this beautiful journey can begin some things must end, a relationship with Jesus always will require a break up, ALWAYS! The popular colloquialism that will be declared by many over the next few weeks is "New year, new me!" but just because the number changes on the calendar doesn't mean we will too. You can catch a cold but you can't catch health, evolving takes intentionality and we must understand that starting strong is married to ending strong.
Choose to say “No More”. No more to anything that is restricting the powerful individuals that our King has fashioned us to be to come forth. This devotional will provide you with the blueprint on how to go into 2020 with year lasting spiritual momentum. The End Strong, Start Strong Devotional includes 10 Video Devotionals each video is roughly 10 minutes long plus you'll receive 10 articles that you can watch and read right from your Smartphone or tablet device along with Devotionals & Scripture readings, This is great for personal spiritual development, or for small group settings.

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Make the decision to go in 2020 strong by ending 2019 strong